6 Fun Winter Engagement Photo Ideas

December 12, 2019

Sing it with me now: It’s the moooooost wonderful tiiiiiiiimmeee of the yeeeaaarrrrrrr!

We’re surrounded by loved ones, eating way too many sweets and hiding that fact under our wonderful new sweaters and coats. And for the lucky ones, it’s also the perfect time of year to get engaged! You’ve probably got plans to see all of the family and friends, so you can tell them all at once,  you’ve got time off from work to enjoy this new stage in your relationship and honestly nothing beats the love we feel this time of year. 

If you were given the gift of a fiance this holiday season, or maybe you’ve been engaged for a while and were waiting for the snow to fall, you might be thinking about engagement photos. And let’s be honest, winter can be tough when it comes to photo sessions. As a photographer, I love a good winter session, but it can be hard to come up with ideas that rival the stunning photos we get in warmer months. 

Not to worry, I’ve created a list of winter engagement photo ideas for all of you love birds ready to make a little magic this season!

  • Ice skating on an outdoor rink or pond: Grab your skates and head out on to a local pond or ice rink at sunrise for a beautiful, fun date and let your photographer tag along and capture it all.
  • Sledding and snowball fights: Bonus points if you have a cute, wooden toboggan. And definitely save the snowball fights for last to save your hair and outfits from being soaked in the rest of your session!
  • Bonfires and smores: Stay warm outside wrapped up in a blanket with your better half by the bonfire. Grab your hot cocoa or marshmallows and feed each smores on a chilly winter evening.
  • Hikes/Snow-shoeing in the woods: Make it an adventure session and go for a hike out in the snow! The contrast of bright snow on the dark pines will create a beautiful backdrop for your photos.
  • Sharing coffee in the city at sunset/sunrise: If you’re city people, considering heading to your favorite coffee shop and to share a drink by the window, then head out for a city shoot in all it’s winter glory. Choose either the first hour or two after sunrise or after sunset for that magical winter light!
  • Fireside Snuggle Sesh: If staying inside is more your style, consider making a fire in the fire place for a cozy shoot that’ll have you feeling the warmth whenever you look back at your photos.

If you’re an Images by Nic bride ready for your engagement session or just want to set up a fun, winter-themed engagement or couple photo session, send me a message and we’ll make the most of these winter months together!


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