7 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer

February 9, 2020

This week I had the opportunity to chat with two incredible women who are looking for the right fit for their wedding photographer. It’s one of my favorite parts of this job, even if that photographer doesn’t end up being me. I truly believe that you deserve everything you want on your wedding day. To help you figure out if your next interview is the one, here is a list of seven questions to ask your wedding photographer. 

1. Why do you like shooting weddings?

You want to work with someone who is PASSIONATE with a capital everything about what they do. It means they will put the extra time, effort and love into your photos and this process. By talking to your photographer about why they are in the wedding photography business, you can decide whether or not that’s someone you want to be there on your wedding day. 

2. How would you describe your photography style? 

By the time you’re talking to prospective photographers, you will likely (hopefully!) have taken a look at their social media and website to get a feel for their work, but still ask the question!

If you’re someone who wants fine art portraits, listen for answers that relate to that. If you want more natural, candid-like photos, listen for words like “lifestyle” and “prompted.” And if you really just want pictures of your day exactly as it is, but not getting in the way at all, you’ll want someone who considers themselves more of a documentary photographer.

Asking this question can help you ensure your photographer fits with exactly the kind of interaction and images you’re hoping for.

3. How would you describe your communication and working style?

This is a big one! This could make or break your relationship with your photog and it’s such a good thing to know about up front! Find out if they check their email regularly or if it’s better to reach them via text. How often will they want to meet to get caught up on your planning and how/when they can accept payment.

4. How long have you been shooting weddings/How many weddings have you shot?

This question may or may not hold a lot of weight for you. If you are really interested in working with someone who has a lot of experience, that’s completely valid and can make you feel more at ease. But you also don’t have to count someone out because they haven’t been in the industry for decades either. A newer, fresher perspective could be exactly what you’re looking for and that’s okay too!

5. Have you been to my venue?

Working with a photographer who knows your wedding venue can be a so helpful. They know where the best spots for portraits, first looks, etc. However, I don’t want you to think it’s a deal breaker if you’re working with someone who has yet to photograph your venue. Just be sure they are willing to go ahead of time to tour and scope out your venue so there are no surprises for either of you on the big day.

6. What is the turnaround time for my wedding photos?

This is a great question to ask your wedding photographer to stay on the same page. I won’t lie, wedding photography can be a lot of work. It takes hours of prep and even more time perfecting your edits, but you shouldn’t be left waiting for your gallery for months and months. Most photographers will send you a sneak peek shortly after your wedding, while they finalize your full gallery. It’s common for wedding galleries to take two to three months to complete. Make sure you get clarity from your photographer (and even get it put into your contract!)

7. What do you expect from me?

This can be the make or break it question! Knowing how many times your photographer wants to meet and what they expect from you up front can alleviate a lot of tension. If you’re really laid back, but our photographer wants detailed shot lists and spends lots time posing, that’s a cue that you won’t be the best fit. It’s good to have this conversation early on so you’re both comfortable moving forward. 

Brides and photographers, what did I miss? What other questions do you think are the most important to ask right away?

If you’re looking for someone to capture your big day, let’s start this conversation! I’d love to grab coffee and chat talk about your vision for your best day ever.


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