Como Conservatory Wedding: A Winter Wedding Paradise

April 20, 2023

Love the idea of getting married in the winter but hate the idea of being outside in the freezing weather or in a dark room indoors the whole time? This Como Park Conservatory wedding was the absolute best of both worlds and truly was a winter wedding paradise.

Why choose Como Park Conservatory for your winter wedding?

There are so many reasons to consider booking your wedding at Como Park Conservatory this winter, but here are the ones that immediately pop into my mind:

  • Tropical temps in a sub-zero environment: Even if it’s -30 degrees outside, the temperature inside Como Park Conservatory is always toasty, humid and warm. When you first walk in, you’re met with a tropical forest and plenty of warm, moist air. It’s the biggest breath of fresh air when you’re coming in from the long, frigid Minnesota winter happening outdoors.
  • Gorgeous winter views just outside the door: The winter whites are all around as soon as you step back outside the building (which is a beautiful backdrop in and of itself!) You are truly steps from both the pretty winter weather AND a quick, lush warm-up in the gardens.
  • Enjoy the limited winter natural light: The glass roof and walls in the Sunken Gardens, where you can host your Como Park Conservatory wedding ceremony, mean lots and lots of natural light. And there’s just something extra special about a winter golden hour, and even cooler when you can have it all while indoors

Take a peek at the photos below and see if Como Park Conservatory could be the wedding venue you’ve been looking for this winter!

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