Elegance Personified: A St John’s Resort Wedding in Plymouth, MI

August 19, 2023

I love every chance I get to head back to my hometown for a wedding day –and even better when that wedding features a long-lost friend and teammate. Clare and I have actually known each other most of our lives. From attending the same elementary school through playing lacrosse side by side in high school, we’ve known each other forever. But years and years went by without us connecting as I left the state for college. So when she reached out to ask me to photographer her wedding back home, it was an immediate yes.

Clare was the most beautiful, classic bride. And she couldn’t have chosen a more perfect backdrop with her St John’s Resort wedding. The space is all marble floors, high ceilings and includes one of the most beautiful traditional cathedrals I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. The pent house suite had plenty of space for getting ready with all of her loved ones without ever feeling cramped or congested. It also leant itself to gorgeous getting ready photos with the beautiful spaces and lots of natural light.

The ceremony itself was a full catholic wedding in the cathedral on sight. It’s a stunning space. The high ceilings and ornate details and patterned tiles all lend themselves to such classic, traditional feeling wedding images. This space is truly iconic when it comes to St. John’s Resort weddings. It makes every moment of the ceremony feel that much more special, high end and meaningful. 10/10 highly recommend!

Their reception was in the St John’s Resort Attrium, which is a perfect space for a wedding reception. The natural light made gave the room life, the decor added such a touch of elegance and the decor made it feel the most gorgeous garden party. And after dark the space felt brand new, with plenty of space for a large dancefloor, getting all of their friends and family out there to party the night away.

As a photographer, St John’s Resort weddings are a dream. There are a million beautiful backdrops for portraits, little moments and capturing all the love on a couple’s big day. Check out more from Clare and Zach’s wedding day:

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