Engaged over the holidays? Here’s when you need to hire your wedding vendors.

January 1, 2022
Lesbian couple pops champagne at sunset to celebrate getting engaged over the holidays

The holiday season is truly one of the most magical times to get engaged. (I should know, we got engaged the day after Christmas 2020!) There’s already all of the joy and excitement around the end of year holidays, but then you add in a new shiny ring and saying yes to forever? It’s perfection. So now what? If you got engaged over the holidays, it’s time to start thinking about when to hire your wedding vendors.

Engaged over the holidays? Here’s what to do now.

This season of life should be one of your sweetest yet. But it can also be confusing right?! No one taught us how to handle all of this in school. There are so many things to do, people to tell the good news to, things to plan.

First up: Relax and Enjoy!

The pressure to plan a wedding starts pretty much from the moment the rings hit your finger. At least it did for me! But I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to not let the stress get to you. This first few weeks and months of getting engaged are so precious and joyful. Take the time to talk about your future and dream, but don’t feel pressured to plan everything right away. If you feel up to it, great! But if you’re feeling stressed out or pressured to pick a date, a venue or a vibe immediately please don’t let it overwhelm you. Take your time! Yes vendors can book up quickly but there are so many incredible wedding vendors no matter where you want to day I do. I promise taking a few weeks to soak in being a fiance isn’t going to make a difference!

Who to hire first if you got engaged over the holidays

Once the new year hits and you feel excited and ready to take the first steps in the planning process, there are a few vendors you’ll want to think about getting on your team right away. Here are my big three vendors to get on your books first:

  • Venue/Location
  • Wedding Planner
  • Photographer and/or Film Maker

Stick with me, I’ll explain why these are the first vendors to hire if you got engaged over the holidays this year.

No. 1: The Venue

Your venue is the spot your day will happen. It’s what sets your date and the first hire for almost all couples. In my experience as a bride to be, picking our venue and seeing our spaces helped me envision the rest of the day. Many venues also have great vendor recommendations for planners, photographers, florists, DJs or live music and more.

Looking for a great venue? Sites like The Knot and Minnesota Bride are filled with reviews to help you make a decision.

No. 2: The Planner

Alright friends this one needs to become a non-negotiable. It really does. Especially if you’re one of those couples who feels overwhelmed by the idea of planning a wedding. (Hi, totally me even though I work as a vendor!) Wedding planners are a game changers. They do all the hard work, have all the expertise and handle the little tasks that can feel so overwhelming.

Our planner gave us incredible ideas for how to lay out our space, helped connect us with amazing vendors (think florist, decor rental, DJs, cake bakers…) who they trust to take care of their clients. It takes all the guesswork out of planning and puts you at ease like nothing else can on your wedding day. Not to mention they can handle all the set up, tear down and coordination that will make your day run smoothly.

Feel like a full on planner is out of your budget? Consider a month of or day of coordinator to help bring your vision to life and help you stay stress-free on the day of.

No. 3 Your Photographer and/or Film Maker

Couple giggles together with Minneapolis wedding photographer

Let’s face it, your wedding day doesn’t last forever and the only things that will last more than a day are your photos or video. The flowers die. The venue is transformed into someone else’s dream. Your decor is returned. Your dress bagged up in a closet. But your photos? Your wedding film? Those you get to keep and visit as often as you want.

It’s why I can’t emphasize enough that booking a photographer or film maker you love is crucial. And we book up FAST. It’s the first day of the year and I only have three wedding openings left for 2022. And many photographers I know are completely booked up. Because many people book their photographers right after their venue, it’s what I’d urge you to do as well. Getting a photographer booked right away is key to making sure you have perfect, lifelong heirlooms to take away from your day.

But really, do what’s best for you!

This list I gave you here is a general set of recommendations. By no means is it the order you MUST choose or the way it has to be done. Choosing a planner first can help you find venues you’d never know about otherwise. Picking a florist you adore could be the key to bringing your wedding theme to life. So please, do what makes the most sense to you.

(After you take that time to just be, of course!)

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