Top 3 Reasons to Have Your First Dance Outdoors

August 11, 2021

Your first dance could very well be the first time during your wedding day where you get to hold your new spouse in your arms (aside from maybe your first look!) without well-meaning family and friends butting in. And what better way to make your dance special and memorable than to opt outside. Mel and Cam had their first dance outdoors at Blackberry Ridge Golf Club and it was such a magical moment. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider holding your first dance outside at your wedding.

Having your first dance outdoors feels extra special.

A first dance is always feels special. Your song. Your person. The first time dancing together after you’d said I do. That alone will always feel special. But bringing that feeling under the open sky, in the great outdoors feels just a little more special. It’s a little extra work to get it all set up, and you’ll need to work with your venue and DJ or band, but the turn out is 100% worth the extra set up time.

Your guests are able to see more clearly.

A couple dances together during their first dance outdoors as guests look on from patio and upper balcony

If your first dance is in a ballroom, guests crowd around the floor to try and take a peek at your moves. But ballroom dance floors are only so big so it can be difficult for everyone to be a part of the moment with you. Having your dance outdoors tends to mean more room for guests to enjoy, take part and feel the feels with you.

Bonus points if you have an outdoor balcony at your venue like Blackberry Ridge. Two levels of guests taking it in and cheering you on. What could be more moving than that?

It makes for incredible photos.

First dance photos aren’t always a photographer’s favorites. It’s usually dark, with any light being artificial or rainbow colors from the DJ setup. Many times it requires a flash or a lighting setup that can be clunky, difficult and definitely not natural.

Moving the dance outdoors means that we don’t have of those issues. Even if the dance is taking place in the dark during the spring or fall, adding some twinkle light adds a beautiful, glowy feel.

And with more room to move around, your first dance (and parent/child dances) photos will much more dynamic, exciting and make you feel so much more.

BONUS: Having your first dance outdoors is really freaking fun.

Look at these photos and tell me these people aren’t having a good time! This dance was a complete blast. The weather was perfect, the DJ made it a PARTY and everyone loved how unique the reception was thanks to moving the the party, starting with the first dance, outdoors.

Would you have your first dance outside? Have you done it? Let me know in the comments!

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