Five (More) Fun Wedding Trends You Need to Consider

October 30, 2022

Looking for some fun ways to change up your wedding day? Check out these trends we’re seeing more and more of this year, and I expect to catch on even more in 2023!

If you missed my previous post, here’s the five more unique wedding trends for 2022 and beyond.

Private Wedding Vows

First looks are always a win in my book, but first looks with private, handwritten vows? A complete game-changer. This is one of those fun wedding trends that give you the best of both worlds: both privacy and the emotional moment that comes from speaking your own vows. This option is perfect for couples who don’t want everyone they know to hear their most intimate thoughts but also want that quiet, sweet moment together to ground them before the day really kicks into high gear.

Uneven Wedding Parties

Who said your wedding party needed to be perfectly even on both sides? We all know someone who knows someone who added a random friend, coworker or cousin just to even out the sides of their wedding party. But I love that more and more couples are saying, “no thanks” to adding randoms to their crew. Include only the people who are so important to you that you can’t picture your day without them. Even if that means someone is doubled up or walking alone at the beginning of your ceremony.

Food Trucks for Dinner

Pizza from a food truck, another fun wedding trend

Do I really need to explain myself here? Who doesn’t love a food truck?! This is an extra fun wedding trend because it means getting exactly what you want to eat and adds a fun element for guests, too. Click here to check out some of the food trucks here in the Twin Cities.

Puppy Attendants

Bring. Your Dogs. That’s all.

Just kidding, but really please bring your pups if you think they can handle it and your venue allows. There are even all kinds of services that will hang out as a doggie attendant so your pup can be there for the day but you don’t have to stress about who is taking care of them.

Doing Things However the Hell You Want

Dun dun dun dunnnnnn! This is one of the most fun weddings trend out there. You do you, babe. You have a wedding at sundown in a skyway with only purple lights. Wear the black dress if it’s makes you feel beautiful. Get married in your backyard or a castle or wherever makes you excited to say I do. I’m a big believer that your wedding should be whatever the hell you want it to be.

Have a friend getting married soon? Share this with them to get them thinking about which of these trends they might want to add to their day!

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