Hines Park Engagement Photo Shoot: Ry & Ken Reunited

March 30, 2021
Hines Park Engagement Photoshoot, Michigan Engagement Photos, Michigan Wedding Photographer
Ryleigh & Ken spent the last year on different sides of the country thanks to COVID-19. I was so grateful to capture their love just a few days after they were reunited.

Ahh Plymouth, Michigan. The city I grew up in, went to school in and learned to love a little more when I moved away. (Almost) my whole family still lives nearby so going home means heading that way and this last trip back to the mitten meant getting to work on this incredible Hines Park engagement photo shoot.

Ryleigh is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Really, truly. And I can say that because I’ve known her literally her entire life. She’s my cousin and growing up I spent at least a few days every week with her. We spent summers up north at our grandparents’ cottage playing in the dirt, catching frogs and swimming in the lake. She’s the sweetest soul. The kind who won’t let you kill bugs in the house and nurses baby birds back to health in shoe boxes. Which to me, as her big cousin, means she deserves the world. She deserves someone who will be there for her and take care of her the way she’ll take care of them.

And I’m happy to say, Ken hits those marks. Seeing them together made my heart so happy. Ken is kind, he’s funny, he’s sweet and caring to Ryleigh. I’m so glad they found each other after growing up on opposite sides of the planet. Together, they can be themselves and are so fun to hang out with. I’m so excited to see how they make their May wedding the perfect, intimate celebration just for them.

Their Hines Park engagement photo shoot made my week and I cannot wait to head back to Michigan in just over a month to photograph their wedding (!!!) at Mill Race Village. Stay tuned!

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