How to Have the Best Couples Photo Session

December 28, 2019

There’s something special about capturing the bond between two people in love. Couples and engagement sessions are some of my absolute favorites, but I totally understand that they can feel stressful and intimidating. To help calm your fears and get you ready for your next photoshoot, here are my top five tips for your best couples photo session yet.

Pick a Photographer that Speaks to You

These days almost every photographer has a website and is on social media. When you’re first looking at hiring a photographer for your session, go find their pages and look through the images they’ve shared. Read their bio and “About Me” pages to find out why they do this work. Look for someone that not only edits and makes images that speak to you, but who you connect with on a personal level.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate (Ahead of Time)

Once you’ve picked a photographer and made initial contact to book, keep an eye on your email. Photographers get tons of inquiries and the sooner you respond to your photographer’s messages, the better they can serve you. You may also receive a questionnaire from your photographer that’s aimed at getting to you know and your significant other on a deeper level. Take the time to sit down together and fill it out thoroughly and honestly. The more you’re able to tell your photog ahead of time, the better he or she can capture your personalities and relationship.

Make It Personal and Plan Ahead

When it comes to planning what you’re going to wear, don’t stress! It can help to start by thinking about what you’re most comfortable in. If you’re not suite-and-tie people, you may not look comfortable in those clothes during your session. On the other hand, if you’re most comfortable in sweat pants and old t-shirts, you may want to get a little more dressed up in jeans and a sweater. You can still be comfortable and feel like yourselves, but a little more photo-friendly.

Another thing I always ask my clients is if there’s anything personal you want to incorporate into your session. That could be a favorite food (like pizza from your favorite restaurant), beverage (alcoholic or not) or your furry best friend(s), but I love when my couples add personal touches to our shoots. Just be sure to check with your photographer before your session if you want to include anything extra during your session.

Be Open and Get Loose!

Your photographer might start playing music and ask for a dance party. They might you make each other laugh (like a lot). They might ask you to use crazy voices or kiss like you won’t see each one another for 6 months. All of that is to say, it’s important to get loose! Have fun with your person and make the most of it. The more you enthusiastic you are about your session, the better your photos will be in the end.

Ignore Your Photographer

The best couples sessions I shoot are the ones where the couple forgets I’m there. Where they are so connected to each other that they get caught up in conversations, tickle fights and kisses that I’m just a fly on the wall, clicking away at my shutter. So be that couple!

Now, I don’t mean you should ignore your photographer altogether. If they ask you to do something, it’s likely to make a beautiful image so listen to their direction, but other than that, use the time during your session to connect with your partner and reflect on all the best parts of your relationship. When you’re connected to your partner, it’ll show on your face and create some beautiful images. Use this time as a date where you’re forced to put down the phone, walk away from the tv and spend time just hanging out with your favorite human. That’s the real secret to your best couples photo session.


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