How to Look Better in Photos

September 24, 2021

Spoiler alert: It’s not what you think

If we’re being honest, we all want to look incredible in photos. And there are key steps you can take to look better in photos. Keep scrolling (and keep an open mind!) to read my tips.

Brides stand cheek to cheek and

How to Look Better in Photos:

Stop Worrying About How You Look: First things first, every body is great body. And every one of us has things we don’t love on our bodies. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid being in photos, especially if it’s with the people you love. They see you for who you are, not your pant size. The most important tip for how to look better in photos is to stop stressing about looking perfect. Because no one ever does. But you can look like you and you can look happy. And that’s SO much better.

Embrace the Chaos: There is so much we can’t control in life. If the weather starts to turn and it begins to drizzle, go with it! Smiling through your circumstances can make for some the absolute best images. (And who doesn’t love a sweet, cozy dancing in the rain photo with your love?!)

If you’re a parent and your little ones are tagging along, please smile through their chaos, too. I promise you all good photographers know how to deal with an energetic little one (or three!). So trust us to capture them in their element with all the energy you’ll remember them having at this point in time. Instead of getting upset or trying to force them to sit still, run with them. Help them get their energy out and laugh along the way. Then when they’re tired out, we’ll get the more traditional portraits, too.

Man stands behind his girlfriend and huge her and makes her smile, which is how to help people look better in photos

Wear What Makes You Comfortable: If you are someone who feels at home in jeans and t-shirt then wear the flipping jeans and t-shirt. The key to looking better in photos is feeling good and feeling like yourself. That is different for everyone and part of what makes you unique. Now if you love to play dress up and get dolled up, then you should absolutely take the opportunity to put on a pretty dress and heels or your best suit for your shoot. There is no one size fits all when it comes to what you wear for your photos. Just choose something you feel great in and leave the rest up to your photographer.

Trust Your Photographer: It’s quite literally our job to make our clients look amazing in photos. If we didn’t or couldn’t do that, we’d be out of business. When we ask you to do something silly, go with it. We’re likely working on getting a giggle out of you. Like a real one. Because you laughing naturally is when you smile the brightest and where it doesn’t feel forced. So trust us. We’ll get your good side, all of the angles and hopefully make you forget your worries in the process.

Take a Deep Breath and Play: This experience should be fun. The best tip for how to look better in photos is to relax and enjoy it. Play with your person or your family. Go with the flow and let your hair down. The more at ease you can be and the more you move and interact throughout your session, the better you’re going to look in your photos.

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