How to Showcase Your Brand Personality in a Photoshoot

May 13, 2022

I adore a small business owner who is ready is confident in who she is and what she offers. Someone who knows their brand personality inside and out and is ready to capture it on camera. Shay came into her brand photoshoot with so many ideas, outfits and props to perfectly tell her story for The Balanced Way Nutrition.

When we talked during her pre-plan call, I asked Shay to give me a few words to describe her brand, or what adjectives she’d want clients to us to describe her and her business. As a fitness and nutrition coach, Shay’s answers were exciting, hopeful and inviting. She wanted her clients to immediately feel comfortable and see that she truly believes what she teaches.

Want your own branding photos that feel perfect for your own brand personality? Try the exercise below!

Think of your brand as a person

It can be difficult to get started when thinking about your brand personality. It’s kind of a weird concept. So try this: think of your brand as if she were your buddy. How would you describe your new friend. Is she welcoming and warm? Is she knowledgable and badass? Does she feel laid back and joyful? If your brand was a person, how would people who meet them describe them?

Choose adjectives to describe your brand personality

After completing that exercise, narrow your list of descriptors down to 3-4 adjectives. There might be more, but we’re looking for what applies the most. This will help you really focus in on your brand and how you want that to come across on camera. The more specific and focused you can be, the easier it will be to communicate it through your photos.

Work with your photographer to make sure it shows up on camera

This is the fun part. Now that you know who your brand is, it’s time to bring your brand personality to life. If you are going for a carefree, happy and welcoming feel, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting lots of laughter, movement and fun expressions in your photos. On the other hand, if your brand is more serious and powerful, you might want to go for power poses, soft smiles and serious expressions.

Both are great, but they speak to different clients and say different things. By working with your photographer and communicating all of these things, you’ll get a better outcome overall.

Take a peek at some of Shay’s images from her shoot, showcasing her happy, inviting, fun brand for The Balanced Way.

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