How to take better iPhone photos with your babe

September 15, 2020

How sick are you of the awkward, arm around your backs, smile at the camera pose you take every time you’re out with your man or woman? Be honest. 

You know the picture. It’s usually taken from the waist up, you two standing close together and saying, ‘cheese’ silently until you’re sure they got it. And it’s always fine, sometimes pretty cute, but never anything super special. It doesn’t make you feel anything, other than maybe nostalgia for that day or place you went. 

We all deserve to have sweet, fun photos with our favorite person, whether it’s through a fun shoot with a photographer or just a quick iPhone shot. So, here you go, babe. My quick tips on how to take better iPhone photos with your boyfriend, fiance or wife!

tips on how to take better iphone tips with your babe, sunset engagement photos

Look at each other, not the camera

The number one way I show emotion and connection as a photographer is by getting my clients to interact with each other. A quick easy way to do that is to turn from the awkward “say cheese!” pose to smile at each other. Depending on what you’re going for, skipping the smile for a more serious, deep thinking expression can be super powerful and emotional, too! Give them both a shot and see which one feels more ‘you.’

Side hugs = bad, hugs from behind = great

As far as I’m concerned, side hugs should have died with your seventh grade relationship. (Kidding, kind of.) But they’re A.W.K.W.A.R.D. There is almost no other situation where you stand side by side, smooshed together, starting straight ahead. 

Instead, try a different embrace. Getting, or giving, a hug from behind is a much more natural way to stand together. It’s feels (and looks!) sweet and intimate. And it allows whoever is behind to tickle their partner for some real, solid giggles. 

tips on how to take better iphone tips with your babe, sunset engagement photos

All the dad jokes, all the time

Whether it’s through the best dad joke you know (try one of these!) or some other means, find a way to make your partner crack a smile. A real one. Even if they’re laughing AT you (I have a difficult boyfriend, this is my play), a real laughing smile is better than a cheesy forced one any day.

And yes, tickling is permitted if necessary.

Walk this way, but do it… drunk

This one doesn’t actually require any alcohol, but just that you act like you’ve had some, or like someone you’ve seen who’s had some. For this fun little prompt, you’re going to hold hands and walk/stumble towards whoever has your phone like you’re walking home together while intoxicated. 

This works best if you run into each other a little and look at each other while you’re doing it. If you or your partner have a hard time getting into it, try thinking of it like you’re an accordion. Start standing apart and pull the other person towards you, then bounce off each other, spread apart and do it again as your walking forwards. 

This one requires a little coordination, and ideally an even walking surface, but it’s so, so worth it when you get the hang of it. This is one of my absolute favorite prompts for couples in my session. (You’ll see why!)

A little bit of PTA never hurt anybody

No, I’m not asking you to full on make out in public. Instead, let’s make it sweet. For this little prompt, grab your partner like you’re looking up to give them a smooch, but plant on their cheek, forehead, nose or temple instead. They’ll likely smile, laugh or react in a different, but real way. 

A great way to set this up is to stand like you’re about to take that dreaded, cheesy picture, then quickly turn and plant one of your babe when they don’t expect it. These make for seriously sweet shots that’ll be so much better than your standard iPhone couples photo!

Here’s to you taking better iPhone photos with your babe and your instagram filled with fun, authentic pictures of your relationship! Let me know if you have any prompts or tips that I missed in the comments.


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