I’m the photographer you need for your second wedding.

December 17, 2020

I’ve heard from too many people that are taking a second trip down the aisle that they don’t want to make a big deal about it. They don’t want to make a big fuss because they’ve done it before. But you know what? You deserve for this day to be a big deal especially if you’ve gone through this much to find your person. So let me make a plea for why I’m the photographer you need for your second wedding to capture it all.

These photos are from a wedding between two people who found each other after raising adult daughters in previous relationships. I was so honored to photograph their day.

One of the best days of my life was the second marriage for two people. Their names are Steve and Mandy. I call them mom and dad. One of my biological father. The other is my mom (technically step-mom).

My second wedding story

There are so many little moments I remember from that day.

They got married on rainy May afternoon on Mackinac Island in a small hotel conference room. I remember the carpet being odd and there being a piano in the corner. They both had two kids from previous marriages and we were all a part of the wedding. We got necklaces with a symbol of unity and family on the pendant as a part of the ceremony. I still remember my mom’s hands shaking so badly that my sister had to help her put it on me.

After the ceremony all six of us packed into a covered horse drawn carriage and rode around the island. We couldn’t see out of the foggy plastic tarp windows. My brothers begged a few bucks off almost everyone at the reception with the line, “I’m the son of the bride/groom, can I have a dollar?” My new big sister and I sat out on the balcony to get fresh air and rest our feet together after dancing all night.

What that means for you, my client

The little things are what I remember. What brings that day back to life for me. And that’s what I’m so driven to capture for my couples. I want them to have perfect images of their sweet moments so they can go back and visit that day again.

But it means more for me when it’s not just for a couple, but their whole family. It’s why I’m the photographer you need for your second wedding.

Because that day isn’t just about you. And you won’t be the only ones who remember it as their best day ever, even if it’s your second time down the aisle.

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