Mill Race Village Wedding | An Intimate Ceremony for Ryleigh & Ken

May 18, 2021

The little chapel in the village. It’s been home to so many school field trips, weddings and engagements. On May 6th, Ryleigh & Ken added this intimate ceremony to the list of beautiful moments this little chapel has witnessed. Their intimate Mill Race Village wedding was filled with emotion, joy and relief.

This space has meant a lot to our family. My aunt (Ryleigh’s godmother) and uncle tied the knot here. Ryleigh, Amanda (her maid of honor), our cousin and I were her flower girls. Fast forward a five years and my dad proposed in that same chapel at New Years Eve to my mama. And now, nine years later, another member Ryleigh added to the family when she said I do to Ken.

This sweet wedding was full of beautiful, emotional moments. From dad’s first look at his baby girl turned into a bride to the groom giving a toast to his new mom at dad over a sweet, intimate dinner I was feeling all of the feels. And as Ryleigh’s older cousin, it was a big deal for me, too. I couldn’t help but visualize the little wild child she used to be. She had hair down past her butt and good luck if you wanted to brush it. She and I would play in the dirt together. Catch frogs together. Drink chocolate milk and eat ice cream in her mom’s bed during sleepovers together. And now she’s married. And it’s my turn next year. I love getting older and getting to experience all of these moments right there with Ryleigh.

Okay back to the wedding. The rain even held off until the very end, but was the most romantic ending. With all the cute shots we got of these two and their umbrellas I’m definitely pro-rain on a wedding day. They say a little rain is good luck and I think this was just the perfect way to cap off Ryleigh and Ken’s Mill Race Village wedding.

Here are a few more photos from Ryleigh & Ken’s gorgeous day at Mill Race Village.

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