Introducing the Perrys : Hewing Hotel Wedding Sneak Peek Details

November 3, 2020

This day was special for me. It was the joining of two families. It was a beautiful new beginning. And it took me back to my “why” of running this business. I hope you love this Hewing Hotel wedding sneak peek as much as I loved reliving it in this post.

Anita and Joe were so clearly in love. It proves that love is worth the wait and that love’s timing is better than our own. They’d both been married before and both had adult daughters. (Who were like fun AF, by the way. Totally my people.)

Their girls stood beside them on a sunny day in October at the Hewing Hotel, where they became family officially in front of their friends and family members. The pandemic changed their plans, but wow did end up being perfect. They have the kind of love I love to document. Full of laughter and joy and all the important ingredients that make up a loving, happy life together.

Today I’m sharing just the details, more to come when I deliver their full gallery! This Hewing Hotel wedding album is such a perfect one. I cannot wait to share with this family (and then all of you!)

Just a reminder if you are looking for a wedding photographer for your 2021 or 2022 wedding, I’d love to create this magic for you! Shoot me a note and we can talk all about your perfect day.

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