Love at Last: Plymouth Orchards Wedding Sneak Peek

September 4, 2020

This one was extra special, folks. And not just because it was my little brother’s wedding. It was extra special because he and his now-wife went through so much trying to make this day happen. And because they tied the knot in the same spot our sister did a few years ago: Plymouth Orchards.

This wedding seemed like it was never going to happen. From COVID hitting, to venues closing, to trying to plan an entire ceremony and reception in just five weeks, these two were going to make it happen. By the end, they both were just ready to get it over with. But it was the perfect day, full of “soak it in” moments and a perfectly sweet, intimate celebration of these two.

A little back story: Louie & Kacie have been together for over a decade, which is crazy for a couple who is still in their mid-twenties. Kacie has been a part of our family for my entire adult life. And let’s be honest, we didn’t always get along. (Because teenage girls can be super dumb and we both fell into that category at times.)

Me & the beautiful bride

But today I count Kacie as one of my absolute best friends (hey, baby sister!) I am so thrilled to officially call her family. She’s my go-to shopping buddy when I’m home. She’s the girl you can always count on to chat for hours when you need to kill time on a long road trip. I truly don’t know what life would look like without her anymore.

Congratulations to the Wilkinsons! I cannot wait to share more from their day. Until then, here’s some of my favorite moments from Kacie & Louie’s Plymouth Orchards wedding.

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