A Magical Winter Golden Hour in Minnesota

February 25, 2023

This shouldn’t a surprise if you’re on the page, but I adore a good sunset. The sun flares, the warmth – it all makes my photographer’s heart so happy. And it’s so so rare in the colder months in Minnesota so this winter golden hour we got for Leah and Charlie made my year.

Winter Golden Hour Photo Tips

There’s so much to love about winter photos. The snow reflects light beautifully, which is what makes these photos so flattering. And the warm, layered outfits you need to stay warm make everything feels extra cozy. If you want winter golden hour photos like these, here are a few tips:

  • Coordinate your outfits, don’t be too matchy-matchy. In fact plan your clothes like it’s one big outfit.
  • Dress in layers to add some personal style and keep warm. Add a beanie, cute coat or mittens if you need to, I promise it doesn’t take away from the photos as long as you coordinate!
  • Plan to shoot about 60-90 minutes before sunset, depending on how long your shoot is. And remember that the sun sets early in the winter!
  • Pick a location that embraces the winter feeling, whether that’s a decorated city street or a out in the snowy woods
  • Choose a photographer who loves shooting in this weather and knows how work with winter light, it can be quite a bit brighter than the same time of day in the summertime.

Take a peek at a few more photos from this beautiful snowy shoot, then shoot me a note and let’s plan one for you and your person!

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