Maple Grove Newborn Photography | Rory Bakeman Fresh 48 Session

December 17, 2021
Newborn baby boy lies in a bassinet in the hospital during his Maple Grove newborn photography session

A baby’s first moments in the world are so precious. They’ll never be this tiny again. Never feel so small in your arms. It’s a time as parents where suddenly your whole world is changed because that tiny babe is here and it’s up to you to help him become the person he’s meant to become. And that’s why capturing families first moments together in the hospital is so special. There’s nothing more raw or real than this. And I was so honored to capture this Maple Grove newborn photography session for baby Rory and his parents this month.

Maple Grove Newborn Photography: Why a Fresh 48?

A fresh 48 session is a photo shoot you can book in the first 48 hours of your baby’s life in the hospital. It’s more photojournalism and less pretty, posed images, but they capture your first moments as a family. Like the photos you may have seen of your mama holding you in the hospital bed hours after you were born, no makeup, still tired, but deliriously happy. Like that, but arguably a bit better.

Rory’s mom and dad could only have one additional visitor in the hospital during their stay. But instead of it being a parent (they’d have to choose between all of them!), they made me their guest. I can’t explain how honored I was that they not only trusted me with these precious memories, but also that they value these photos SO much that they made me the first person outside of their little family to meet their son.

I mean let that sink in. This is their second child. We took fresh 48 photos as part of my Maple Grove newborn photography services about two years ago with their daughter and they value those photos this much. So much that they wanted these more than they wanted anyone else to be with them in the hospital.

And I think that’s just beautiful. So new parents keep that in mind, I promise you’ll never regret having more incredible photos of your baby’s first days.

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