There are few things that make my heart sing quite like in-home sessions. Is the lighting always perfect? No. Is everything perfectly placed and completely clean? Also, no. But that isn’t the point!

Your photos shouldn’t just be of people that look like you. They should also feel like you. They should be real. And what’s more real than your family, in your places, doing the things you love? When you book an in-home session, you’ll get beautiful photos of your family exactly as you’ll remember them years from now. On that comfy chair. Drinking out of that one mug you use every morning. Cuddled up together in your bed.

There’s just something special about having photographs in the places you spend your every day. You (and the kiddos especially!) are more comfortable here than anywhere and it shows in your photos.

This wonderful little family was a prime example of that. This was our second shoot together. The first was out at a park in a chilly day and baby girl was not having it. But here, in her house with her toys, she was so much more at ease.

If these look or sound like your kind of shoot, shoot me a message and let’s make some magic in your home.

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