Plymouth, Michigan Fall Engagement Session: K + L

November 1, 2019

This session was so incredibly special to me. I’ve known this girl for almost ten years. We went to rivaling high schools and grew up in the same town. It seemed like I couldn’t help but run into her constantly and that’s mostly because she’s been dating my younger brother since both of them were 15.

Michigan engagement at Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill in Plymouth, Michigan
I’ve loved watching their love grow these last nine years. Let’s get you two married!

Kacie has been a part of our family for essentially my entire adult life. She’s the perfect shopping partner, open ear to vent to and most supportive friend and sister my siblings and I didn’t know we needed. She handles our crazy huge family like it’s nothing and is always there when you need her. I couldn’t be more excited to officially welcome her into our family, even though I’ve been calling her my sister for years. (It’s gotten to the point that I’m telling people my brother and sister are getting married and getting A LOT of weird looks.)

Louis (Louie, Lou Lou, Lucious, the list of names for him goes on and on and not all of them are especially appropriate thanks to our sister, Katie)) and I are less than a year apart and over the years we had our fair share of arguments. We were only about 11 months apart in age and were always bickering over the volume of our respective televisions when our bedrooms shared a wall, whether or not Louis had been cuddling our childhood dog Cody for too long (which was like all the time, but whatever, dude) or who got to sit shotgun in mom or dad’s car. As we’ve gotten older and put a little more space between our bedrooms (approximately 800 miles seems to be the sweet spot), I’m so grateful for Louie.

He’s got the biggest heart and is genuinely one of the most generous people I know. He’s the first person to reach out and see how he can help in a crisis, like when my car got by a lone truck tire in the middle of nowhere Indiana or when they had a bad cold spell back home last winter and he called the grandparents to make sure they had dinner and didn’t have to go out in the cold. With Louie, it’s the little things that you remember and how he tried to take care of you when you needed it most. That and all of his sing-alongs with his two huskies…

Kacie and Louie asked me to take their engagement photos and while I was home last weekend, we headed over the apple orchard down the street from our parents house and had a little fun. I felt so honored to be their photographer and loved being able to give them this gift.

I love you both so much and can’t wait to get you married, already!!

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