A Photographer’s Take: Schroeder Farm Wedding

September 7, 2021

Couples smiles at each other outside at their Schroeder Farms wedding

There’s something about a chic, laid back farm wedding that just makes my heart happy. And even better when it’s with a bride who means so, so much to me. Here’s a little peak at the incredible day that was Alicia and Nate’s Schroeder Farm wedding.

A Schroder Farm Wedding in May

The Venue:

I’ve photographed my fair share of farm weddings but Schroeder Farm is something special. Driving in it looks like really any big farm venue, but once you take a step out back you see where the magic happens! Here are some of the features I adored as a wedding photographer:

  • The Back Porch: The area in the back of the barn is a perfect spot for cocktail hour or a shady spot to watch the ceremony if you’ve got lots of guests. Lots of space for guests to mingle with easy access to the bar just inside.
  • The Silo: This little space is so adorable and helped me create some stunning photos of Alicia with her girls. Definitely one of my favorite finds for the day at this Schroeder Farm wedding!
  • The Reception Space: I mean what can I say, I’m a sucker for a natural light reception. All of the open air and natural light filtering in helped everyone feel safe and the sunlight lit the room until it was time to dance.
  • The Woods: This spot out back is truly a photographer’s dream come true. Just a couple hundred feet from the party, it’s the perfect space to escape for photos at sunset with your new spouse.

The Couple

I met Alicia four years ago when she was photographing an event for a company I worked for. I was shooting families at the time but wasn’t into wedding photography. We started talking about cameras and hit it off. She asked if I ever wanted to second shoot with her to see if I liked it and I thought, why not? Well here we are. After multiple weddings shooting under this babe, I started my own wedding photography business and she asked me to be her photographer. I’ve never been so honored to capture a day for someone.

Alicia and Nate have the kind of love I think we all deserve. Goofy and fun, but also sweet and laid back. They give each other sh*t. A lot. In the best way possible. Nate kept calling Alicia the most beautiful woman in the world all night and Alicia’s feelings were summed up at sunset. She looked at me dead on and said, “I’m Mrs. Olsen now. I can do whatever I want.”

I just have so, so much love for these two. They chose the perfect wedding venue for them and their guests. I can’t wait to see where life takes them!

Thinking about getting married out at Schroeder Farm near Mankato? I’d love to be your photographer! Send me a note and let’s see if we’d be a good fit!

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