Should I do a first look on my wedding day?

July 8, 2020

It’s a polarizing topic for so many couples, but I want to talk a little bit about the decision to do a first look on your wedding day. 

Before we get started, I have a little quiz for you. For the following questions, please answer yes or no.

  • Are photos of you and your future spouse on your wedding day important to you?
  • Do you want to have more candid-style photos that show lots of real emotions?
  • Do you want to spend most of your day hanging out with your guests and loved ones?
  • Are you hoping to have some intimate moments with your future spouse during the craziness of your wedding day?
  • Does you or your future spouse (or both of you!) want to write personal vows, but are uncomfortable with reading them off to everyone you’ve invited to your wedding?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please stick with me and I try to convince you that the answer to, “Should I do a first look at my wedding?” is YES.

Why It’s Worth Considering

first look on wedding day in rural minnesota

The whole idea of a first look is to give and your future spouse a few moments to yourselves to create a beautiful, intimate moment just for you. It’s not about taking away a special moment when you first walk down the aisle. It’s about creating a second, more intimate moment just for the two of you. 

Two First Impressions

No matter what else happens on your wedding day, the moment you see your soon-to-be spouse at the other end of the aisle will be special. That moment will feel huge even if you’ve seen each other all day before it happens. Because that is IT! That’s the moment when you’re about to officially become a married couple. Seeing each other first won’t make that less real, but it will do a lot of other awesome things for you. 

A Quiet Moment, Just for You

Having a first look on your wedding day means that you get to spend a little bit of time before you do that damn thing with your person. You get to spend a few quiet moments just taking them in feeling the gravity of what you’re about to do together. I mean it’s a big deal! You both have the safety of knowing that no one else (expect your photographer and videographer) will be there and you can feel all of the feelings without judgement. 

Emotions Running High

This moment will be emotional, too. You can read those heartfelt vows the whole world doesn’t need to hear. You can laugh and smile and cry with your future husband or wife and get ready to take the biggest step you’ve ever made together. And you can do it together. (Not isolated from each other that whole day!) It helps to calm nerves and get you even more excited for what’s about to happen. 

Have I sold you yet? I’m tearing up over here just thinking about it. 

More Time to Party with Your Party People

Logistically, it also means you can do your family and bridal party photos before the ceremony, meaning you can jump right into the party when you’ve said “I do!” Get all the formal, but necessary, photos out of the way and spend your evening relaxing with your favorite people in the world.

Which means more time enjoying your day and living in the moment, which is exactly what I want for you as your photographer.

P.S. If you’re reading this and are starting to plan your wedding for 2021 and beyond PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out to your vendors ASAP! I only have three spots left for 2021 weddings, so if you’re interested in becoming an Images By Nic bride next year, shoot me a message and let’s make it happen!


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