Three Ways to Make Your Engagement Session Unique

March 5, 2021

The best thing about your engagement session is that you’re completely free to make it whatever you want. For most of us, our wedding comes with some expectations from our loved ones. That day is about us, but it’s also an important milestone for our parents, siblings, best friends and in-laws. But your engagement session? That’s all about you, babe. Here are a few tips on how to make your engagement session unique.

How to make your engagement session unique

Let’s dive in. Here are my top three tips for making your engagement session perfect and special for you and your fiance.

1. Choose a location that means something to you

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Whether it’s the frozen lake in the woods you love to hang out at or the spot you got engaged in, choose a location that means a lot to you.

Start with where you’re going to have your photo shoot.

Is there a place that’s super special to the two of you? Do you want to go back to the two you met in or where you had your first date? Should we go take pictures in the spot where he or she proposed?

If you’re big craft beer fans, maybe we start with a beer at your favorite spot. Or if you’re more into the outdoors and have a spot you love to hike to, let’s go find it and photograph you in your element. And if you’re like these two cuties, let’s go to the cabin you spend tons of time at all summer and photograph your love on the frozen lake.

All in all: pick a spot where you feel comfortable and that means something to you. It can make all the difference if you want to make your engagement session unique.

2. Include an activity or drink to make it fun

You know the whole, “I don’t know what to do with my hands, thing”? This solves that problem. And is so much fun!

Your engagement session is about a lot more than pretty photos. It’s about connecting with each other and hopefully being a really fun time. So let’s plan for something fun! This can be a hike with the pup, ice skating at an outdoor rink, going for a dip in the lake or having a pizza picnic at your favorite spot. It’s truly up to you. Think about what you love to eat, drink and do together, and let’s start planning.

Bonus, if having a drink is your think, starting with a beer or a shot is a super fun way to get things started — and helps you loosen up for the rest of our session.

3. Wear clothes and accessories that feel like you

This one’s a biggie. Most couples I work with pick two outfits for their sessions: one that’s a little more formal and one that’s on the casual, comfy side. Either way, make sure those outfits look and feel like something you’d normally have in your closet. If you’re a couple who doesn’t love getting super fancy, please do not feel like you need to break out black tie attire for your engagement shoot.

I also love adding accessories to your outfits to change things up and add some variety to your gallery. Cute winter hats, chic jackets or scarves can be a great add for getting your photos to reflect your personal style.

Like I’ve said, your engagement photo shoot should be all about you. What you love, where you want to be and what you wear should all represent who you are as a couple. If you’re ready to dive in and plan and engagement session that’s unique to you, shoot me a note! I’d love to be the photographer that makes it happen for you!


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