A Traditional Lao Wedding Celebration with N + T

May 10, 2021

Most days, I’m all for a wedding that bucks tradition and centers exactly what the couple wants. But days like this one remind me of the weight and majesty real traditions hold on a wedding day. I was lucky enough to capture Tommy and Nancy’s doubleheader wedding day, kicking it off with their beautiful traditional Lao wedding ceremony. (Part two, their traditional wedding ceremony, will be coming soon!)

The day started with Nancy and Tommy getting ready with Nancy’s family at their home in St. Michael Minnesota. As it sleeted outside, these two donned traditional Lao outfits with bold colors and ornate ahead of the ceremony.

To start things off, Tommy and his family went outside as a part of a procession into Nancy’s family home. His feet were cleansed and he offered gifts to her family members before he and his family entered the home. The master of ceremony sang, blessing food and wishing the couple and their families well.

At the end of the celebration, family and friends tied white strings around the couple’s wrists to wish them the best in their marriage. The newlyweds wore the ties throughout the day and it was the sweetest thing to see, knowing each strand represented a wish or a blessing from someone who loved them.

Kind of makes you want appreciate tradition in weddings, doesn’t it? As someone from outside of this vibrant, incredible culture I felt completely welcomed by the couple and their family during their traditional Lao wedding. I can’t thank them enough for letting me in to witness this incredible moment.

From here we headed out to White Bear Lake for their American wedding. More stories and photos from that half of the day to come!

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