Three Types of Photos You Need at Your Small Business Branding Photo Session

September 1, 2021
Small Business Brand Photo Session

Brand photos are essential for any small businesses these days. They are what fill your social media grids, add visual appeal to your website and help your marketing materials stand out to clients and customers. But your photos shouldn’t be random, so to help you plan your next photoshoot, here are the three types of images you need at your small business branding photo session.

Images Needed at Your Small Business Branding Photo Session

To truly showcase what you do, who you are and why we should care, you need a brand strategy. Your images play an important role in that strategy, but can be difficult to figure out on your own. As you read through the kinds of photos I recommend for your small business branding photo session, think about how they can apply to you.

Product Shots

This one is an obvious one. You need photos of what you’re selling and how you sell it. These photos tell your customers or clients what they can purchase from you. They are perfect for web pages and social media feeds alike.

But just because these photos are of things doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Oh no. Product shots should showcase your products in your spaces, in the best light and with fun pops of color to really bring your brand to life. Pro tip: think about your backdrops when it comes to those product shots. Consider using spaces or backdrops that mimic the places your customers will purchase or use your products. This helps make the connection for them to see why they need what you’re selling or why they want to visit your spaces!

Even service-based businesses should have product photos. You may not sell an object, but planners, photographers, musicians and home cleaners sell something – you just need to get creative. What you sell might be an emotion, relaxation or peace of mind. So what do those emotions look like for clients? Think about what your service creates for clients and get photos of that.

So if the idea of product photography doesn’t immediately connect with your business, dig a little deeper! The product you sell is more than just the things. It’s also the benefits and feelings clients or customers get from working with you.


This is probably what you think of when you think of traditional brand photos. They showcase your pretty face in a professional environment. But that doesn’t mean stiff and it doesn’t mean bland.

Your headshots are THE place to show off your personality. Whether that’s goofy, carefree or serious, say it with your headshots. These days we are our brands, so don’t skimp on solid headshots. They say people buy from people, so make sure your photos make a great first impression.

Actions Shots

These are the photos that really bring your brand and your business to life. They let the people see you doing what you do and showcase what means the most to your clients. Make sure you get photos of you or your products doing what you do so it’s immediately clear to potential customers or clients what you offer.

If you’re a service-based business, that can look like photos of you working. If you’re a wedding planner, that can be photos of you talking to clients (aka friends you convince to come model at your shoot) and working on mood boards or table settings.

If you’re a product-based business, that can look like photos of clients enjoying your products. For example, if you’re an earring designer, that would be clients wearing your jewelry. Or if you’re a winery, that can be employees pouring drinks or customers laughing together with wine in their hands, drawing people in to enjoy your space and beverages.

Give the people what they want. Action photos, people. Make sure you get plenty.

Time to Plan Your Own Small Business Branding Photo Session

Now that you know a little about the kinds of photos you need during your photoshoot, it’s time to plan your own! If you’re looking for a photographer to capture all of these and more while helping you feel super confident on camera, shoot me a note. I’d love to help.

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