Wedding Bouquet Inspiration for Your 2023 Wedding

January 12, 2023

Flowers add so much personality to your wedding day. They can add color, texture and really bring some personality to your space. And there are so many options to choose from it can be difficult to choose. To help you out, here is some wedding bouquet inspiration for your 2023 wedding.

Classic whites

What’s more bridal than an all-white bouquet?! This is a timeless classic that always feels romantic. Choosing an all-white bouquet feels extraordinarily bridal and will keep the focus on you and your people in your photos. They make everything feel a little luxury and match any decor or venue you choose.

Lots of Color

This should come as a shock to absolutely no one but I adore a pop of color. I love seeing so many couples embracing bold colors and deep jewel tones in their florals to really personalize their wedding decor. These colorful florals are the ultimate wedding bouquet inspiration in my book. My personal favorites are the warm, sunny tones like goldenrod, rust orange, deep red, etc. They really bring warmth to your photos, no matter the weather!

Big Blooms, Big Bouquets

Sometimes bigger really is better. When it comes to the size of your bouquet if you like drama this wedding bouquet inspiration might be for you. Bigger blooms can act as statement flowers to really be the stars of the show. Big bouquets become focal points for your photography and can really make a statement by bringing your wedding colors front and center (literally.)

Organic Designs

I love this trend. Remember back in like 2014 when bouquets were all perfect balls of roses and everything was symmetrical? This trend is the opposite of that. Organically shaped wedding bouquets truly take on a life of their own. They tend to be bigger, take up more horizontal space, can have flowing greens or ribbons and are just gorgeous showstopping pieces. They also have tons of blooms, meaning they’re a great choice for the couple who wants to preserve their flowers after the big day.

Making it Personal

What a fun, subtle what to add a bit more of “you” to the wedding day than with a favorite flower added in or embellishments added to your bouquet. That can mean you use flowers that were in your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding bouquet, or the ones your new spouse got you on your first date. It can also mean adding a charm with a loved one no longer with us or a fun, playful touch to celebrate you and your partner.

Tiny Bouquets

This new tiny bouquet trend is so sweet. It feels whimsical and is a perfect fit for a retro wedding. These small wedding bouquets tend to be mostly or all blooms (meaning no greens or leaves in the bouquet) to maximize the impact. Bonus points for adding color to these little floral arrangements!

What wedding bouquet inspiration resonates with you the most? I’d love to hear what you’re loving going into 2023!

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