What Storytelling Images Are & Why I Adore Them

February 5, 2020

My entire life has been spent telling stories of incredible people in one way or another. As a wedding photographer here in Minneapolis, it’s my goal to give you the entire picture of your day through storytelling images.

What’s the first thing you see in this photo? A bride? A hotel room? Some people facing the bride in said hotel room? 

I saw something more when I snapped this photo. I saw her moment of peace. Her quiet moment alone in a room full of excitement and her favorite people and lots of bubbly. Within the context of her hectic morning, this woman took her time in the final moments before the biggest one. Now she’ll get to remember it forever. This is exactly why I love creating storytelling images.

When her eyes connected with my camera, sneaking a shot between her bridesmaids’ shoulders, I felt a snap of electricity. Like this image was dying to be taken. This part of the story was so important that it needed to be told. 

This wedding party was FUN you guys. Like standing up and battle-rapping Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” on the way to the ceremony, fun. But if those were the only images I took, this bride might not remember the quiet moments she took for herself that day. There would be images missing from her story. She might have forgotten how emotional this moment was for her, and her husband definitely never would have seen it.

I wouldn’t have done my job right.

All of Your Chapters are Worth Telling

The pictures of you partying with your girls and kissing your new husband for the first time will ALWAYS be fun to take. But it’s pictures like this one that feel special. And there will be a lot of moments like this. A deep breath before you walk down the aisle. The look on your dad’s face when he sees his baby girl for the first time in her wedding gown. Your new husband sneaking a kiss in the middle of a chaotic party during your reception. It’s storytelling images like these, and like that one up there, that let you relive every little detail of your day.

It’s photos like this one of Molly in her own little bubble that have me falling head over heels in love with being a wedding photographer. Does this sound like the kind of photography you’re looking for? Reach out! Shoot me a message and let’s grab coffee to chat about your best day.

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