Why An Intimate Wedding is Perfect During COVID-19

May 11, 2020

I talk to so many couples who have been dreaming of their wedding days for years, sometimes their whole lives.  So many of them are having to adjust their plans because of COVID-19 and hosting smaller, more intimate ceremonies. The good news? Having a sweet, intimate wedding during COVID-19 could be the perfect way to start a strong, beautiful marriage.

Focusing on What Matters

At the end of the day, your wedding is about your marriage. The wedding day is absolutely an important milestone and the party is something I think most of us look forward too, but it’s not the point of the day. It’s so easy to let party planning become a distraction. The seating chart, the food and the decor all takes a little of your focus away. Focus that should be on the marriage, not just the wedding. 

Your wedding is about promising to spend every day committing to and loving each other. Getting married in a more intimate setting will help you focus on that and that alone.

Creating a Special Bond in Trying Times

Going through all of this with your soon-to-be spouse has to be hard at times. (I mean everything feels harder right now, doesn’t it?!) But you’re doing it. You’re still in love with person you’ve chosen to spend your life with and you’re coming out of this whole pandemic stronger for it. What a beautiful way to start a life together.

But it’s not just the bond with your other half that will be stronger coming out of this. It’s the bonds with the people you choose to be there on your day, too. They’ll never forget that you chose them to witness your intimate ceremony and will feel an even stronger connection to you and your marriage for it. And that my friend, is beautiful. 

A Great Excuse to Bring Your Crew Back Together Every Year

I have been a guest at multiple weddings that I left thinking, ‘Wow, I wish we could do that every year.’ And guess what? With intimate weddings, you totally can. 

Now I’m not saying you should get re-married to your person every year (I’m also not, not saying that… *wink wink*), but how fun would it be to have a celebration every year? Just think, a big dinner party, a weekend up north, or a big bonfire on your anniversary? Sounds like the perfect way to remember your special day with the special people who were by your side. 

Keeping Your Original Wedding Date (and Anniversary Date!)

So many couples are getting bummed out because their original date held significance. I mean, you chose that day for a reason. You’ve looked forward to it for what probably feels like forever, so it makes sense that you’d get attached, even if it didn’t have some deeper meaning.

With a shift to an elopement-style, intimate wedding during COVID-19, you can keep your date and what it means to you, and still have your party at a later date. 

Still Have That Party!

And please, still have that party. Whether it’s a few months later or a first-anniversary party, still hold that reception you were dreaming of. Your intimate wedding might be perfect, but you can still have it all. These are weird, weird times, my love, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be celebrated. 

I want you to close your eyes (well, read this first, then close your eyes) and imagine what that party looks like. All of your favorite people together, maybe for the first time in months, all just happy to see you. Can you picture the happiness in that room? That, my dear, is worth waiting for and worth keeping, even if your real wedding day comes much sooner.

How Can I Help? 

If the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting your wedding, I want to help. This is a stressful enough time as it is, your wedding planning shouldn’t be. If you need a photographer for your new date but are working on a budget, let’s chat about how we can make it work. Already have a photographer, but can’t find a makeup artist or hairstylist to help come for your day? Let me know. I can reach out to my network of vendors to see if we can find you the perfect fit. 

Sending so much love to you and all of the brides preparing for their special day in these uncertain times.


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