Your Branding Photo Shoot Should Be About More Than Headshots

March 9, 2023

So you’ve started a small business. Now it’s time to schedule a branding photo shoot to bring it to life and put your best face forward. As a small business branding photographer, I want to make the case that your branding photo shoot should be about more than headshots. Stick with me!

Don’t Get Me Wrong, Headshots are Key

Headshots are how you put your best face forward. They help your potential clients or customers connect with you and see who they are doing business with. It’s why all of my clients get a small set of “formal” headshots like the ones you see here. But these aren’t the most important photos we’ll take and they aren’t the ones that are going to set you apart from your competition in the market.

Think More than Headshots

Now as great as those photos are, what do they tell you about the work those beautiful women do?

Very little.

You can probably tell they work in some kind of a business setting based on their attire, but you can’t gleam more from them than that. They could be accountants. They could be sports agents. They could be professors at your local university. This is where that “more than headshots” mindset comes in.

Now these photos start to help you fill in the pieces. They also give this incredible group of marketers at Marketing By Madie the opportunity to showcase their work day to day. Having a large gallery of photos showing you in action helps you to invite potential clients in. And in the world of social media, have lots of photos like these help you to create content throughout the year that ties directly back to your business, all in line with your branding.

So now that you’ve been both, which option do you think will turn more heads and gain more traction for your business? Here’s to your next branding session capturing so much more than headshots!

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